Language Learning

Language skills are increasingly important in the Asian job market. MAHSA Avenue International College has invested extensively in language learning facilities to meet the growing demand.

Language laboratory equipped with computers, audio visual, satellite TV & radio and reference collection is provided to all students.

Information Library

We provide an extensive library and range of information services to support your learning and enable you to study more effectively. The study facilities are excellent.

We offer many reading places for silent and quiet group work. Our comprehensive collections now compromise over 5000 volumes, which include 1800 current periodicals.

Computer System

Computer laboratories are open to student when they are not being used for classes. Students enjoy the benefits of e-mail, the World Wide Web and high speed broadband services.

Cafetaria &
Free Access Area
Cafetaria & Free Access Area

Students can have a light meal and drink while waiting for the next class. They can also surf the internet from our free access area where the college management have allocated about five units of computer for student's used.


We have a gymnasium to facilitate students to exercise & work out beside the curriculum activities.

Student Services
Student Services Centre

The Student Service Centre operates as a ‘one-stop’ centre to provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies here.

Portfolios under the Student Service Centre are Accomodation & International Office.

Student Care
Student Care Unit

To provide advice and assistance to students personal and career counseling, university and job placements, student needs and problems.

Amenities &
Services at Campus
Amenities & Services at Campus

Banking Facilities / Money Changer, Clinics, Eye Care Centre, Hair Saloons, Pharmacies, Car Care and Services, Telecommunication Shops, Magazines and Stationery Shops, Computer Shops, Photography and Photo Shops, Restaurants, Fast Food (KFC, Pizza Hut, etc), Shopping Complex and Laundry.