Below are some useful information related to travel and immigration policies, as well as items and materials that are best brought along for your visit and stay in Malaysia.


  • Student Pass & Passport Requirements
  • Social Visit Pass
  • Expiry and Extension of Student Pass
  • Working in Malaysia
  • Leaving and Re-entry to Malaysia
  • Renewal of Passport

Student Pass and Passport Requirements

Before coming to Malaysia, ensure you are aware of :
  • Your passport must have a minimum validity of 16 (sixteen) months beyond the period of stay from the day you enter Malaysia.
  • You are permitted to hold only one pass at a time, i.e. your Student Pass.
  • Your Student Pass is non-transferable and permits you to study only at MAHSA.
    The pass is valid for 1 (one) year and is renewable while you remain as a student at MAHSA.

Note : The information above is valid at the time of writing. Check with your local Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate that this information is still up to date, as immigration rules change from time to time. You can also check from the Malaysian Immigration website at


Packing and tickets for travel

Our representative will assist you at the airport Immigration for clearance process. Therefore, do send us your flight details 7 days before you arrive. Check with your travel agent to make your airline reservation. If you already have your accommodation arranged, you are advised to arrive in KL, at least a few days before your programme starts, so that you can settle down in the new environment. Also remember that during holiday seasons, flights could be expensive or fully booked, thus ensure your ticket are reserved as soon as you receive your Student Pass approval letter.

When packing your luggage, remember that there are certain restrictions on the luggage weight when you travel by air. Excess luggage charges can be quite expensive, so sometimes it may be cheaper to leave your books and heavy things at home and buy new ones in Malaysia. Check with your travel agent or airline on how much you can bring, what you are allowed and not allowed to bring into Malaysia.

Recommended clothing and attire

It averages 29 to 34 degrees Celsius year round in Malaysia and you would require clothing suitable for such. You will need both professional and casual attires. During school session, professional attire is required on campus. You may want to bring casual clothing for non-school and off-campus events.

Other essentials

Make yourself feel at home. Bring personal items like posters or photographs of friends and family. If you are bringing any electrical equipment with you, remember that the power supply in Malaysia is 220 – 240 volts / 50 cycle AC system.


  • Getting Around
  • Healthcare
  • Living Costs
  • Currency
  • Language
  • Communications
  • Orientation & Assistance

Getting Around

Kuala Lumpur, or just KL, is the capital city of Malaysia. The college campus is right at the heart of KL. During the first few weeks, you will become familiar with the city and its neighbourhoods. The people here and the local life are two of the best things about studying at MAHSA. You’ll quickly find that you and newly met fellow students will discover a lot about local life, customs and culture, transport, places of interest, shopping centres, post offices, cinema, etc.