“Hi, We like to do crazy stuff sometimes! However, it always leads to something great. We started my journey at MAIC and felt so much support from the team and Lecturers. They are truly the dream team. we get the sense that we are all a community. During this time, we had our works ups and downs especially when we worked 60 hours a week! However, I knew that I had to finish this diploma to prove ourselves that I started this journey for something. We were very proud of ourselves once we are graduated and would recommend this for everyone interested in Graphic design!“

Final Year Student (2017)
University Student

“MAIC Graphic Design School is brilliant. They work through all processes of design and work towards a really rewarding portfolio. The Lecturers are so helpful and encouraging, and can help through the whole process. Their structure was perfect for me, I could work around my design at all times that suited me and I could work from home. I also didn’t ever feel alone, I was always on the forum and lecturer’s portal working through any challenges.“

Chu Shirley
Diploma In Graphic Design Student (2017)

“You control your level of study, whether you’re a beginner or a practicing designer. Our courses are flexible with schedules to suit you, and pathways to match your study and career requirements.“

Nur Shazleen Binti Ahmad Shaharuddin
Diploma In Graphic Design Student (2017)

“The great thing about MAIC and their Graphic design course is that you can take it anywhere with you and it fits in nicely with the rest of life. I now work as a freelance designer in my hometown of Ampang. A town that constantly inspires me and thanks to the course and all the lovely people at MAIC I now see everything with a fresh pair of eyes .“

Muammad Faiz Bin Mohedin
Diploma In Graphic Design Student (2017)

“The Mass Comm in MAIC stretched my creativity and challenged me (in a nice way). As a previously self-taught Mass Comm Student, I certainly made friends with my Camera and mobile Phone. Any folks wanting to expand their learning in a practical and creative way then this is the course for you (oh go on then…). The course is all kinds of awesomeness and I highly recommend it to anyone who’ll listen.“

Nurhafizah Binti Abdul Malik
Diploma In Mass Communication Student

“Having grave reservations about my ability going into the course, it was very encouraging and motivating to receive feedback from the tutors which not only built on the skills I did have, but also encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective and to motivate me to achieve even more. It was easy to follow and understand what was expected for each module. The course was also structured in a logical order which prepared one for the module that followed. I have gladly recommended this course to anyone who is interested in something like this. “

Nurul Hidayah Binti Halim
Diploma In Mass Communication Student

“Great institute, Nice courses for various fields of interest of students. Lecturers are good, teaching methods are good, great student teacher interaction helps students to gain vast knowledge great experience.“

Siti Nur Dinie Syazwanie Samsuddin
Diploma In Information Technology Student

“MAIC is a great place that gives you and your career full exposure. The faculties of the Information technology are very helpful and cooperating. I would suggest everyone, join MAIC College and especially if you are looking for a career in Information Technology. Make your choice Right by joining MAIC!“

Lam Li Qun
Diploma In Information Technology Student

“Berjaya menghabiskan Kursus Executive Certificate in Beauty & Aesthetic pada tahun 2019 di Masha Avenue International College , School Of Beauty & Health. Teknik pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang lengkap dan menyeluruh serta kemudahan yang lengkap bagi sesi praktikal dan teori. Pensyarah yang baik dan berpengalaman daripada aspek interaksi pensyarah dan pelajar,menjustifikasi keperluan membuatkan saya melaksanakan tugasan dengan baik dan sempurna. “

Ms. Jothi Rasamaningam
Ketua Operasi & Pentadbiran IPTS Usahawan Kecantikan Peserta Executive in Beauty & Aesthetic, 2019